Green Bean Project

What is the Green Bean Project?

Born during many conversations over coffee (what else?) Green Bean Project is as much a combination of concepts as it is a single idea. At its heart Green Bean Project is intended to be an accessible and adaptable method of coffee education, as well as the focal point for a community of coffee lovers aiming to improve the coffee industry and the world around them.

“Humanity runs on coffee” – Unknown

Where did you come up with this?

As you read around Bear Essentials you will see that the site was born from a desire to work despite my own disability, and to provide a home for my coffee knowledge and passion in the hope that it could be useful to others. Green Bean Project is an extension of this same idea. I was enjoying a coffee with a friend one day who had just sold his own coffee business and was thinking about what to do next, we got talking about the barriers to work that I was experiencing and about ways to overcome them. Once we started down this road it very quickly struck us that if I can, with support and adaptation, find a way to be productive and commit to goals, why can’t we provide that same ethos and support to others facing barriers to work? And that’s when Green Bean Project happened. It’s been a constantly evolving process since, and there is more to come. But for now we are pretty proud of the core of our work.

“The question is not, can we pass the barrier. But rather, do we go over, around, or straight through it?” – Bear on Barriers


The Green Bean Project’s goal is to be a provider of support and training for people facing barriers to employment who want to find a career in the coffee industry. We aim to provide exceptionally adaptable training programs, coffee education and mentoring, all aimed at giving our clients the best possible path to employment.


One of the biggest differences about Green Bean Project is the way we intend to fund our core activities. Rather than seeking to use the traditional charitable donation and grant funding methods, which while effective, are at times too unstable to allow for long term planning, we decided to try to fund our work through the running of a revenue generating business.

Green Bean Project aims to offer affordable and adaptable training courses in all aspects of the coffee industry to both professionals and interested drinkers. We also provide business support and mentoring, eventually we hope to expand to provide other coffee related products and services. The revenue we will generate through our work will pay our bills, and allow us to offer the support and training services that will remain the core of who and what we are.


Green Bean Project is committed to “The Core Four”, a central set of values which drive and educate everything we do. Many of these goals are limited in scope with the small size of our initial team but we strongly believe in setting out a clear mandate for future practices.

Accessible: We believe that quality coffee products and services should be available to all, and that barriers to this are always able to be overcome or adapted to. This extends to our prices to the commercial sector. You won’t find a fixed cost on our prospectus, rather we will discuss your needs and find a way to balance cost and service provision.

Sustainable: We acknowledge the changing needs of our world and are committed to ensuring the most sustainable practices we can at all levels of our business. No one perfect model exists, but we aim to do our part.

Ethical: We are passionately committed to the fair treatment of all people, and to the development of long term, mutually beneficial commercial relationships within our industry. Coffee is a product of community and connection and we believe inclusion is a fundamental right. Here at Green Bean everyone is welcome.

Accountable: Owned equally by all of our team members, we are committed to being as transparent as we can be in all aspects of our business. We support fair pay, and healthy working hours, and encourage innovation and creativity in team members. Nothing should be more important to a business than the people at its heart.

Wow that’s amazing! How can I access all this?

We suggest that you start by reading the Green Bean Project Prospectus

If you find you do want to connect with us, please get in touch and we can open a dialogue about your needs and what we can provide.

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