Coffee Tasting: Wylde Coffee; Kingfisher

Fruity and intense, carrying all the flavours you would expect from a well treated Yirgacheffe. A superb example of a truly classic coffee.

Sharp and intense with layers of complexity, Yirgacheffe is a coffee that is certainly an acquired taste and yet continues to own its place as a must drink for many coffee lovers. This example has been handled with care and consideration, and the resulting layers of flavour reward a thoughtful drink.

In More Depth

Origin: Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe)

Varietal: Arabica Heirloom: Yirgacheffe

Growing Altitude: 1950 – 2100 MASL

Process: Natural Process

Tasting Notes: Strawberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

The Coffee

Yirgacheffe is a magical word in the world of coffee, almost every coffee professional or lover will have tried coffees from the region and have a clear opinion on them. Yirgacheffe is a region of Ethiopia right in the birthplace of coffee, indeed it may be considered to be the homeland of our favourite bean. As coffee legend would have it a goatherd by the name of Kaldi discovered the coffee plant in the highlands of what was then Abyssinia. One day he found his goats “dancing” from the caffeine high of the bright red berries they were eating off local bushes, a little human sampling and a lot of innovation later and we arrive at coffee as we now know it. The Coffea Arabica plants of the region are considered some of the finest in the world, and are fiercely protected. Alongside Harar and Limu, the Yirgacheffe region stands apart in Ethiopian coffee as it produces “Heirloom” beans, trademarked and traded under its regional name, not as Ethiopian coffee, the distinction is small perhaps, but a real sign of the value placed on these coffees as true heritage varieties.

Tasting wise Yirgacheffe beans tend toward strong fruit notes and notable acidity, and this offering from Wylde Coffee fits that billing perfectly. A sharp intense aroma greeted me while brewing and the initial impression on my palate was one of bright fruit and citrus, a very pleasing combination for me.

When I talk to people entering the world of coffee tasting, about how I do what I do, they are often surprised to find that I taste each example at various temperatures, carefully allowing the coffee to cool between sips. This is a very deliberate choice as many coffees change in tone and flavour as the extracted liquid cools, nowhere is this more apparent than in natural processed and heritage coffee varieties. As the temperature drops this coffee begins to add layer upon layer of depth, a developing change in flavour from sharp intense acidity to a more rounded fruity-ness, the strawberry Wylde describe in their tasting notes. Gentle sweetness breaks through, but nothing too intense, you have to allow time to separate the ever so subtle white chocolate notes. I have always said that Yirgacheffe is an acquired taste, and I know as many coffee aficionados that avoid it, as love it. The first taste of Yirgacheffe is very different from the more full bodied coffees that have come to prominence in the world markets, and often inspires people to embrace the incredible variety of flavours in coffee. Always on my list of must tries in the journey into coffee this example of Yirgacheffe is a great one to fill the role for any drinker.

The Company

Based in the beautiful surroundings of the Wirral, Wylde Coffee is an ethos based company, one that started with a passion for the outdoors and a growing fascination with speciality coffee and all that surrounds it. Wylde believe in bringing coffee back into the outdoors, with low tech brewing of classic coffees, alongside championing sustainability and ethics in all they do. They are as much about encouraging thinking about what you consume, where it comes from and how much work and artistry goes into producing it, as they are about supplying quality coffee. The concept is an inviting one and emphasises the pure joy of coffee. Slow down life and you can find whole worlds of interest and complexity in a seemingly simple thing, this is the heart of loving coffee for me. Its a real story of personal beliefs and interests becoming not just a job but a lifestyle, pretty cool stuff.

Wylde’s Coffees are roasted in Liverpool by Neighborhood Coffee. Liverpool’s first speciality coffee roaster, founded in 2014 and unashamedly fanatical about coffee roasting they have done a majestic job in fulfilling the brief from Wylde and getting the best from this classic bean.


Wylde Coffee’s Website

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