Coffee Tasting: The Steamie; Buesaco Narino

An ideal clean and mellow first time coffee for those wanting to explore the “fruity” side, while holding it’s own as a longer developing drink for those already converted.

A quality fruity coffee, mellow and sweet without too much acid. Ideal for your first attempt at fruity coffees, or as a light coffee lover’s afternoon drink. The flavour is clean and delicate while holding enough depth to warrant a longer drink.

In More Depth

Origin: Columbia; Narino

Varietal: Caturra

Growing Altitude: 1,600 – 2,200 MASL

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Lime, Peach, Orange and Cane Sugar

The Coffee

There’s something magical about coffee from Columbia, so much variety in crop and altitude as well as process, make for an adventure each time I try a new coffee. I will admit to suffering from a little uncertainty when one comes by though.

Over the years I have tasted a great many Columbian coffees, probably more than any other country of origin, and while I have had some exceptional cups I have also seen a lot of middling results. Over cautious roasts and/or less than inspiring crops can create a distinctly middle of the road cup, which for better or worse, falls into the “just about right” category. This often saddens me as the growing conditions, varied crops and excellent high growing areas can produce something really special.

This offering from The Steamie started off well, whenever I see Narino as an origin I know there is a chance of a little coffee magic, the region has a well earned reputation for producing some very interesting cups, good altitude combined with passionate farmers, can create a top notch bean. This particular coffee is Caturra and high grown, while this combination can make for very hard work for the farmer, as crops will need to be well managed and yields can be more limited, it can produce a very particular and rewarding flavour profile.

There is no doubt on tasting, that the bean has been grown with real attention and care, and also that the roaster has spent a good deal of time and effort in finding their sweet spot for flavour profile. No lacklustre or middling hints of fruit on the aroma, a good if subtle burst of the indicated orange and peach are right there. On the upper side of drinkable temperature the flavour carries sweetness and a mellow mouth feel, with little weight on the palette, a very relaxed and not over complex drink with a clean syrupy finish. As the temperature drops a sharp undertone brings itself more to the fore giving a surprising, almost natural process like, fruitiness to the cup while the sweetness dies away a little into a pleasing backnote.

Overall the coffee is clean and crisp rather than lingering or heavy, easy to drink and accessible for those who aren’t naturally into the fruity side of coffees.

The Roaster

The Steamie, based in Glasgow, has been part of the emerging coffee culture since 2016 and can be justifiably proud of their work. Fully committed to an ethical supply chain and to ensuring positive impact from the trade they create. Working exclusively with speciality single origin coffees, using a combination of modern innovation and traditional artisan drum roasting, the team are clearly out to make their mark by producing a quality product. I am happy to say this coffee fills that brief very well and makes for a great addition to anyone’s tasting list.


Roaster: The Steamie


Coffee: Courtesy of Dog and Hat Subscriptions


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