Coffee Spots: Rae & Webb

The Venue

Nestled among the bustling community of independent businesses on York’s Gillygate and distinguished by it’s signature stag symbol in the window, Rae & Webb is a great example of York’s variety of independent coffee shops. A pleasantly understated and inviting setup with space for around 30 covers, the shop feels comfortable in its own skin. Whenever you pass through the door you will be given a warm and genuine greeting from the team, feeling instantly welcomed into their world, rather like visiting the home of a gregarious family, which you sense is very much the goal of the owners.

Coffee Range

Primary coffee offerings are from Origin Coffee Roasters in Cornwall, with guests making occasional appearances. Served with knowledge, care, and available as the classic range of espresso drinks, through an Aeropress or as a V60 Pour Over, there is plenty to recommend here. The selection changes regularly, with the house espresso blend Resolute always on and two others in place as a rule. Origin work hard to produce a varied range of ethically produced, direct trade options and Rae & Webb embrace that variety and ethos with enthusiasm, usually one fairly classic coffee will make up the first half of the changing pair, the other being something a little different, perhaps on the fruity side with a more complex profile. A chat with any of the engaging and enthusiastic team will provide you any help you might need with making a decision on what to order.


The cafe offers a solid, inviting and not over complicated menu, suiting itself well to the homely atmosphere of the venue. Sandwiches, salads and even stew feature for Lunch and a variety of classic Brunch options from bacon butties to healthy smoothie bowls should offer something to satisfy anyone’s morning needs. A selection of handmade cakes and snacks along with non coffee hot drinks, including a selection from Joe’s Tea’s for lovers of the “other hot drink” add to the selection, while Gluten Free and Vegan options are available across the whole menu as well.


In addition to food and drink a selection of brewing equipment and packaged coffee beans are sold within and the team will be happy to discuss the options if you are new to the art of home brewing. Some pieces of local art are on display throughout the venue and should you feel the desire, available for purchase, showcasing a sense of community and connection with the local area.

My View

Rae & Webb has rapidly become a go to spot for me, holding the dubious distinction of being the venue for much of the writing for this very blog. The coffee and atmosphere provide a great space to settle in and the lovely team are always welcoming, real passion and excellent knowledge of coffee with nothing pretentious or intimidating to distract from your experience make it a great place to visit for anyone in York.



74 Gillygate, York, YO31 7EQ

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 16.30

Saturday: 09.00 – 16.30

Sunday: Closed

Rae & Webb’s Website

Origin Coffee’s Website

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